John Searancke holding Los Cristianos book signing for “Dog Days in the Fortunate Islands”

It’s a book that’s been on my Literary Tenerife page for a while (link), and this Saturday, 19 July, John Searancke is holding a book signing at 5pm in the Red Hound bookshop in Los Cristianos. For those who can’t get there, the author’s website is HERE, and the book is available on Amazon HERE.

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  1. I bought and read the book. I know Tenerife well.

    One thing irritates me and that is unnecessary gratuitous criticism of the South of the island by those who apparently have been very clever and have chosen to live in the North. The author is also guilty of this prejudice.

    It is after all the relative prosperity of the South with its massive tourism industry that is currently the main provider of the Island’s employment and revenue, surely to the benefit of all residents. In particular the busy airport in the South and the sheer number of its visitors dictate that reasonable air travel costs are available for all those wishing to travel to Europe and beyond no matter where they might live on the Island.

    A page and a half is devoted to the author’s attempts to find the Parador on La Gomera. I have visited this hotel a number of times. Its quietness and calm is in my opinion one of its attractions. On the 20 plus occasions I have entered or left the hotel the reception was always manned. I think it is unreasonable to write negatively about the hotel as the author has done because the reception was unmanned and nobody was about on the one occasion he visited! Perhaps no one was scheduled to arrive or leave at the time in question! Still it apparently meant he could visit the loos unchallenged as a non resident!

    That said it is an interesting read especially for those with a love and knowledge of the Island.

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