Joshua Nelson & The New York Gospel Proyect in Guía de Isora auditorium 2 December

The “Joshua Nelson & The New York Gospel Proyect” will be performing in concert at 8pm on 2 December in the Guia de Isora auditorium. Tickets costing €10 are available from the council offices in Playa San Juan and in Guía de Isora Town  Hall between 8am and 2pm, and in Guía de Isora Cultural Centre in the afternoon only; they will also be available for €12 at the auditorium before the performance.

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  1. Unlike last year, you don’t need to produce NIE when buying tickets this time, but you can only pay in cash in Playa San Juan, don’t know about up in Guía de Isora. At the moment they have plenty of tickets still available in San Juan, but selling fast!

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