La Caleta’s two new 5* hotels opening next month

Photo: Barceló.

Updated 4 January 2018: The promised new 5* hotel resort in La Caleta comprising the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort and the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach will be opening next month. The former is a family hotel, while the latter is adults only, but guests over 16 years of age will have access to all the facilities of both hotels at the resort. The management says that it is designing a complete programme of experiences that will ensure people return year after year for an enriching and unforgettable experience of the type that only a 5* hotel in Tenerife can provide. Prices start from €271 and can be booked on the Barceló’s website HERE.

Updated 10 January 2015: Whether La Caleta’s new harbour gets the final go-ahead or not, it will have a new 5* hotel by 2017. Flanders 10 Invest, through Barceló Hotels & Resorts, will be building the Barceló Corales Suites Resorts, whose foundation stone was laid in a ceremony yesterday including current Canarian president Paulino Rivero, Tenerife president Carlos Alonso, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Willy Deceunick of Flanders10Invest, and Simón Pedro Barceló, co-president of the hotel chain.

Some 300 jobs will be created by the development, and the hotel will be a major component of the “upmarketisation” of La Caleta, ocupying 33,000 square metres with views of La Enramada beach and, of course, La Gomera. Designed by Tenerife architect Leonardo Omar, the development will comprise two separate buildings, one of them, with 121 suites, dedicated to adult-only holidays; the other will contain 114 apartments for families. The hotel will have three communal pools and 51 private ones, four restaurants and three bars.

Updated 22 November 2013: Around 200 people in just a few days have formed a pressure group which they say is already working to prevent the new harbour. The group says that similar plans were around in 2007 but were rejected by Adeje Ayuntamiento, and that with the worsening economic situation over the past five or so years, there is even less reason to proceed now. Ashotel and Puertos de Tenerife have received support, however, from the Tenerife Cabildo, which sees the possibility of generating the very economic benefits that locals say are lacking.

Miguel Galindo, the councillor who is at the head of the new pressure group ” No al puerto de La Enramada” says that those in opposition will not support plans to turn Adeje into the “new Miami”. To me, there seems to be an inherent contradiction between this stance and the group’s argument that the economy is too poor and cannot be improved this way. If there is any chance that Adeje would indeed be a “new Miami”, then that would involve considerable economic benefit … and so opposition would be opposition for opposition’s sake …

Original post 19 November: If all goes to plan, the La Enramada area of La Caleta in Adeje will have a sports harbour within a few years. Ashotel, business leaders (Círculo de Empresarios del Sur – CEST) and Puertos de Tenerife support the idea, which would see an investment of over €50m into the plan. At present, a commitment to at least that amount has been made by Vega A Inversiones, and the project is awaiting publication in the BOC: at that point the full extent will be known, and it will be possible for the public to express its own opinion. That opinion is likely to lead to a heated debate, because there is significant opposition to the plans in La Caleta itself.

Adeje’s Mayor Fraga, finding himself in the middle of a dispute between “the money” and local opposition, has to some extent sat on the fence, making comments about both environmental damage and business opportunities. The La Caleta Residents’ Association, however, is clear: “this is not a viable plan, it is not necessary, nor is it a priority for Adeje”, said its president Leticia Rodríguez in an interview with Diario de Avisos. The association is to meet this Friday to plan its next moves. Sra Rodríguez said that the area involved in the plans is huge, and that most of the current local businesses are against the proposals.

Outside businesses, however, clearly see room for development, and profit, and may well have sufficient clout to drive this through. For many it might seem a win-win situation with La Caleta either remaining the charming little Canarian fishing village that it currently is, or developing into a new – and very upmarket – Puerto Colon. Time will tell.


  1. Dear Ros , take a short bus trip down to San Juan – very peaceful little seaside village !
    La Caleta is getting very commercialised now !

  2. We are staying in Adeje – have just found Caleta and love the beautiful small fishing village – to be honest we would never return to the front of Adeje – so built up snd commercial – leave alone the small fishing villages – not everyone likes these built up tourist areas

  3. La Caleta is beautiful, do not touch it – more that enough has been done over the past 30 years. The natural places totally beat Puerta Colon, Costa Adeje etc. We need more like El Puertito, La Caleta, El Medano, St. Juan etc. All that glitters is not gold.

  4. I speak for 32 people. Only a small number but I’m sure others if asked, would concur. We love the sun in Tenerife as do many Brits but we avoid built up commercial areas, so La Caleta and all its charm is amazing. Porto Colon is an eye sore and Tenerife would do well to deal with that and leave the natural charm and beauty of la Caleta alone.

  5. Laissez ce petit village encore épargné par le tourisme de masse et par le béton qui enlaidit la côte sud de

    cette belle île!Etant amoureux de Tenerife,je souhaite de tout coeur que les politiques agiront avec sagesse

    et raison dans ce dossier.Ayant déjà passé assez de temps dans le sud et connaissant suffisamment cette

    région,je pense que nos prochains séjours se passeront plutôt dans le nord de l’île qui est encore


    J’espère que mon commentaire pourra aider ceux qui comme moi,aiment ce lieu si joli.

    Respecté ce qui a de plus beau près de chez vous au lieu d’être attiré par les “dollars”.

  6. I think La Caleta hasn’t been a quaint village for quite some time. At weekends it’s so busy we don’t bother going there anymore and prices in the restaurants have gone up to silly levels. I’m not a fan of 5* all inclusive hotels but at least this one isn’t front-line, it’s behind the villas on Calle Las Cañas in an area that has had streets laid out for ages.

  7. There is a saying “if it is not broken why fix it”. La Caleta is a lovely quaint village enjoyed in its present state by many whereas Puerto Colon is rundown and in desperate need of upgrading. The powers that be should sort what is wrong first before moving on to new developments!!!

  8. i think we should look back to the origins of Puerto Colon and its ‘upmarket and luxurious ‘ beginnings! Why don’t the ayuntamiento spend money to restore Puerto Colon, which is in the middle of an established tourist area, a perfect disgrace!!! To its former glory rather than construct a completely new marina within such a short distance?? So much for the coastline only providing first class facilities.

  9. Thanks for this update Janet. We are very interested in this development and like others are torn between retaining the authentic charm of La Caleta and welcoming an economic boost for the area.

  10. Another case of Ashhotel trying to line the pockets of its members without any concern to the future.

  11. Interested to hear how people react. I am in an unusual position in that Im aware of much of the activity at the might happen end.

    The project as a whole would be bringing literally hundreds of jobs to the area, and long term revenues to spread around a great many local, island and regional businesses.

    Of course, all environmental considerisations should be included and not just met – where possible the development should stand as a beacon of how a project can accelerate ALL the positive needs of an area, a coastline and the economic well being of an area for generations not just years.

  12. I hope it does not happen.

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