La Laguna lawyer held by police for investigation into fraud and money-laundering

A lawyer, named by the local papers as Evaristo González Reyes, who is also a well-known businessman in north Tenerife – apart from his legal practice he has nightclubs and bars – is in police custody after his office was searched yesterday while investigations into money-laundering and fraud continue. His legal team strenuously deny the accusations, and say that the same allegations have already been dismissed by the Courts. They say, moreover, that the search of his offices was procedurally “irregular”.

Given the current legal proceedings against crusading judge Garzon, who is held as a hero by some but who is currently in court himself on charges of corruption (see the whole series of links on the story from the BBC HERE), there is always the suspicion that all is not as it appears on the surface. There can be dark forces at work behind the scenes, the use of “contacts” off stage, revenge, vested interests and organized crime – all still routinely at play in Spain before one even thinks of corruption (not so) pure and simple.

Apart from the general interest of the story, however, what really sprang to mind when I read the press reports was the number of times I’ve been told that the illegal letting issue is just not a problem “because my lawyer does it” …..

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