La Laguna man arrested on terrorism offences after self-radicalization

Police say that they have arrested a 30-year-old La Laguna man on suspicion of terrorism offences, specifically attempting to make bombs after radicalizing himself on the internet through jihadi groups including Al Qaeda and Daesh. The Guardia Civil has not released details of the man other than his initials, E.M.C., and say that he is now being processed by the national Courts. He was known to the police, having previous form for domestic violence, and appears to have claimed that he intended to be famous one day for an action contributing to “liberating Muslim lands from infidels”.

Police stress that this is a rarity in this region, and indeed the last occasion of this sort was in May last year when three men were arrested in San Isidro and transferred to Madrid (see HERE). They remind the public that the terrorism alert remains at level 4 (Severe) where it has been since 26 June 2015, and that no specific threat exists.

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