Canarian Government confirms La Laguna woman burnt to death is domestic violence killing

Updated 25 September: The Canarian Government has confirmed that the horrific death of Ramona Jesús was indeed femicide, and that police are investigating this as a murder despite the man’s claim that it was an accident. The Canarian Government’s choice of the word femicide, rather than the usual violencia de genero, shows a shift of perspective, and indicates a hardening of the stance against men who kill women, and indeed a recognition that even though some women are violent to some men, the overwhelming majority of serious cases are of violence to women by men. When it comes to killings, indeed, it is virtually always if not indeed always a case of women killed by men, and the Canarian Government today has held a demonstration of its own to express its revulsion at this latest “asesinato machista” (male killing) in La Laguna, and has read out an institutional manifesto against femicide.

Please see HERE for information and pointers for help of anyone in a situation where they feel threatened or abused, and do remember that violence is not just defined physically. Ridiculing someone, mocking them, verbally abusing them, gaslighting, it’s all covered by the law, and women have legal protection against their abusers. Please don’t suffer in silence. Get help. And in an emergency, get out of the situation if you can, and call 112.

Photo: Gobierno de Canarias

Original post 24 September: An horrendous and, now, tragic story has unfolded over the past day in the La Cuesta part of the La Laguna-Santa Cruz metropolitan area. At first reports were of a fire in an apartment in the city in which a couple had been very seriously injured. The man had been transferred to the major burns unit in Seville while the woman was in intensive care in HUC (University Hospital) here in Tenerife. Police from the off were taking a cautious stance and downplaying theories, often correct, of gas bottle explosion. It was not long, indeed, before they started talking in terms of a domestic violence attack in which the man had tried to kill his partner.

Today it is clear that if that was indeed the case, he succeeded, because the 50-year-old woman has died of her burns. Police are now investigating what could be an horrific and appalling killing by fire, an investigation that includes discrepancies in evidence obtained from the woman before she died and her partner who remains in serious condition in Seville. Hopefully he will recover, either from a terrible accident or to face justice if the case does turn out to be one of his own appalling cruelty.

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