La Orotava Corpus Christi carpet display 2019

Photo: La Orotava Ayuntamiento.

Updated 27 June: Today’s the day, and it’s spectacular, with thousands already milling around by lunchtime to view it. Part of it was damaged by rain over the past few days so the alfombristas were working until late last night to repair the damage … and this morning it is perfect. Here’s a video from the council.

Updated 6 May: If anyone would like to watch the master alfombrists in action there’s a webcam HERE trained on the plaza and surrounding views in La Orotava. Much of their work is protected from the elements by being under tents right now but it’s a great webcam to get a good feel for the whole thing.

Original post 29 April: This year’s Corpus Christi carpets in La Orotava will be on display on Thursday 27 June. The making of the famous alfombras form part of La Orotava’s fiestas patronales, the whole celebration being in honour of Corpus Christi, San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de La Cabeza, and the day of the carpets is one of La Orotava’s two municipal public holidays. The actual festival, however, lasts for several weeks and includes the town’s spectacular main romeria: the full programme is HERE.

The carpets are world famous, and have held the Guinness World Record for the largest ephemeral carpet display in the world since 2006. This year, moreover, is a bit special because it’s the 100th anniversary of the carpet displays which are different and spectacular every year, and the 2019 design, unveiled today by the mayor of La Orotava, will incorporate some traditional practices used in the 1919 version itself.

The designs are brought to life with coloured earth from the Teide National Park by around 20 artisans from the specialist group Artearena (sand art), and this year pays tribute to the history of the practice by basing the design on The Word of God through the ages.


  1. Thank you for clarifying Janet. We have been once before but many years ago and did it early evening on the night before without staying over but agree going before and staying would be a more comfortable way of doing it. Val.

  2. Val, it’s a good idea to stay the night before. By the time people have arrived on their buses and in their cars it will be very crowded. I would go early to avoid the main crush. It’s well worth the visit and the crowds are well marshalled with a one way system in place to minimise the potential for chaos and conflict.

  3. Author

    sorry, it was a typo and meant to read 2018. The 7th of June this year is the Thursday, and that is the day … as the post says, it is the day of the public holiday in La Orotava (see HERE). It should be pristine until at least the evening.

  4. Could you just confirm which day is ‘the pristine day’ this year as in your first paragraph above you say it is Thursday 7th June “2017”. Also is it pristine all day? We are considering going up and staying overnight the night before.

  5. Author

    There’s only one day when they’re pristine, but they can be viewed a couple of days beforehand as well as they’re being put together.

  6. Are the carpets only on display for one day?

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