La Orotava death confirmed as drugs overdose

Update 9 July: The autopsy has confirmed that she died from a drug overdose, the Guardia Civil has confirmed. There is still no information on her identity, but the man who is presumed to have been her client was released yesterday, once the autopsy result was known. LO

Original post 8 July: An Asian woman of around 30 to 35 years old has been found dead in a house in La Orotava. It seems that the victim was a prostitute who had spent the night with the man who lived there, who telephoned the police himself to say he had awoken to find her dead.

First indications are that it was not a violent death, and that it was possibly due to a drugs overdose, given that the man seems to be an habitual user, with a record for trafficking, as well as for domestic violence. The Guardia Civil have him into custody while investigations continue, including into her identity since she had no papers with her. DA

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