La Palma fire finally under control

The Canarian Government’s Minister of Justice and Security, José Miguel Ruano, has announced that the La Palma fire, which has been raging since Friday evening, is now under control. With this announcement, the fire has been reclassified as Category 1, and the La Palma Cabildo resumes authority in the end game of extinguishing the flames, though this is itself no minor task and could take a full week.

National level fire brigades will now be withdrawn, leaving the task in the capable hands of firefighters assigned to the Plan Forestal de Canarias, though for the moment these will be supported by air teams from other Canarian islands which have played an essential part in the containment of the fire. An estimated area of 2,700 hectares of pine forest and farmland has been burnt in the disaster.  Canarias24Horas

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