La Palma man goes beserk and attacks 5 women after failed robbery in Playa de las Vistas area

Update 11am: This individual was already under police monitoring, being under “libertad vigilada“, when he tried to rob the car hire establishment and subsequently attacked five women with a 25cm/10” knife. It transpires that he also tried to attack a couple in their car in an effort to steal it and make a getaway before he was stopped by the police. He was retained in custody while awaiting a Court hearing.

Original post 22 May: In an incident appallingly reminiscent of Deyan Deyanov’s murder of Jennifer Mills-Westley, a 47-year-old La Palma man, originally from Barcelona and identified as Enrique V.L., tried to hold up an Orocar local in the Playa de las Vistas area on Monday afternoon. Failing in the attempt, he then tried to attack five women on the promenade, holding a knife to the throat of some of them. Their screams alerted an off-duty local policeman from Santa Cruz, who chased the man, and with the help of a couple of Arona local police officers managed to subdue him. He is now being processed by the authorities, accused of attempted robbery with violence and intimidation, death threats, and wounding.

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  1. My god what is it with these seriously deranged people going around attacking tourists with knives???? Has nothing been learnt from what happened to that poor woman a couple of years ago? The fact that he was “under police monitoring” doesn’t exactly instill any faith either! I’m just amazed that someone obviously mentally unstable is walking around a busy tourist area with a 10″ knife! Ridiculous.

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