Palm Mar beach improvements start next week, and bus promised for early next year

The mayor of Arona, José Alberto González Reverón, announced in a meeting this last week with residents of Palm Mar, that work on the beach improvements will start next week.

The work will involve clearing away rubble and the placement of boulders similar to those already there to make the area more pleasing aesthetically. The mayor also explained that despite requests for a breakwater to mitigate the effects of the tide on the beach, this was impossible because the area had been declared a Marine Area of Communal Interest because of its natural beauty. He did assure residents, however, that the Ayuntamiento would carry out works on an annual basis to avoid any deterioration to the beach caused by the tides.

Also, and coincidentally (or not) given the very recent Canarian press interest in the lack of a bus service to the area (see immediately below), the mayor announced that Palm Mar will have a transport facility during the first quarter of 2010 as a result of public demand. Arona transport councillor, Antonio Miguel García, has confirmed that the Ayuntamiento has been in negotiations with Titsa about the bus, and that its route will be Palm Mar, Las Galletas, Costa del Silencio, Guargacho, Parque de La Reina and Guaza, a 50 minute total run. The service will cost the council €120,000 euros per annum to operate.

It seems there will also be a pedestrian walkway from the arch all the way down to the roundabout nearest the beach.  Diario de Avisos, El Dia

Original Post 16 November: The lack of a bus for Palm Mar has made the local press, with El Dia reporting that people there are up in arms about the two kilometre walk some of them have to get to the nearest bus stop on the main Las Galletas road.

The report continues that residents complained to Arona Ayuntamiento a year or so ago, but that to date nothing has been done to resolve the situation.

Complaints centre on the mayor, José Alberto González, and various concillors, who promised to negotiate with Tisa to get at least one bus stop in the centre of Palm Mar, but residents now fear that any promises given were empty, and that the Ayuntamiento has not carried out any negotiations either with the Cabildo or Titsa.

General indignation was expressed that Arona’s ruling nationalist party doesn’t seem to think there is any benefit to them in doing anything for Palm Mar residents, and that the politicians with the power concentrate on helping those who can offer something in return.  El Dia

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