Las Galletas bank gunman arrested

Update 19 November: The Guardia Civil has arrested a 40-year-old Colombian man for this robbery. Police say that thanks to an electrical fault on the day of the robbery, the gunman failed to gain access to the safe and the cashpoint machine, hence the small amount he managed to get away with, said now to be €129.

Police said that they had identified the man thanks to the security camera tape on which his image was captured, and the staff’s identification of his accent as south-American, as well as, in particular, various eye-witness accounts. The suspect was arrested in San Isidro, and is said not to have a criminal record in this type of crime, though he was in breach of a Court Order for domestic violence. He has been remanded in custody.

Original post 20 October: The Guardia Civil is seeking a gunman who held up a branch of the Banesto bank in Las Galletas at 1pm yesterday. Police are working on the hypothesis that the gunman could be the same robber who shot a British man in the arm in a robbery in a Playa de las Américas money exchange on 6 September, and who has probably been behind several other armed robberies in various offices and travel and excursion agencies.

The branch is in Las Galletas’ main avenida Príncipe Felipe, near the sports hall of the colegio Luis Álvarez Cruz. Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the robbery, and the thief got away with only €200: the Guardia Civil and Policía Local were on site within minutes, but he had already managed to flee and there was no sign of him in the immediate area.  El Dia

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