Las Restingolitas on display in Tenerife


As I noted in the El Hierro eruption post, scientists say that they’ve never before seen anything like the volcanic material coming up as smoking lava bombs which they’ve called Las Restingolitas in honour of the little town of La Restinga so close to the eruption zone.  On the outside is a dark glassy substance, thought to be some sort of basalt composition comprising minerals of peridot, pyroxene, magnetite and halite (sodium chloride), but inside is a white spongy mass that is minerologically very different, probably a type of silica but of a highly explosive rhyolite type which might even have been brought up from the oceanic crust.

Now, Las Restingolitas are on display in Tenerife in the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre. The exhibition will last until 31 January, and is open Tuesday to Sunday, between 9am and 7pm. The museum is halfway between the tram Intercambiador (opposite the Santa Cruz Auditorium) and the main Plaza de España (with the fountain), and on the tram line it is just at the first stop (Fundación), where the ice rink has been set up.

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