New Carmen Mota show Evolución

Update 10 October: The new Carmen Mota show in the Pirámide de Arona that replaces Aíre is Evolución, an almost two hour dance spectacular tracing the evolution of Spanish dance, and its connections with other dance forms, everything from flamenco to tango to ballet.  Aire, in its time, was performed to some 90,000 spectators, the majority foreigners. The organizers said they hope that the new show will see more locals in the audience, and reminded residents that they were entitled to a 30% discount on ticket prices when bought at the box office, the full price of which is €47. There is no charge for children under 12, and tickets for 13-17 year olds cost €23.50. There is an additional option for a ticket to include dinner in the Mediterranean Palace hotel an hour and a half before the show at a price of €73 (€45.50 for 13-17 year olds, and €17 for 12 year olds). There is more information HERE, with times, and the possibility to book tickets online.

Original post 29 August: If anyone was thinking of going to the Pirámide de Arona in Playa de las Américas to see the Carmen Mota show Aire, there’s a month left to go because the show closes on 23 September before a new show starts in October. Aire followed two other Carmen Mota shows, Alma and Airam, and they have all been a spectacular mix of dance and music. Aire itself offers different works of classical Spanish dance by world-renowned artists before moving on, in the second half, to pure Andalusian flamenco. If you didn’t want to miss it, September is the last chance.

Tickets cost €45 (with a 30% discount for residents) and €22.50 for children between 13 and 17; children 12 and under enter free. It’s also possible to make this a dining experience, and to have dinner in the Mediterranean Palace just before the show: tickets cost €71 for adults, €48 for 13-17 year olds, and €15 for children under 12. All prices are inclusive of IGIC. Tickets can be bought either in the box office, or online HERE – the resident discount applies only to tickets bought at the box office. The show starts at 9.30pm on Tuesdays, and Thursdays to Sundays, and at 8.30pm on Wednesdays. There is no show on Mondays.


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