Last two meteor showers of 2018 are Geminids on 13-14 December and Ursids on 21st

The last two meteor showers of 2018 will be the Geminids this coming week and the Ursids on 21 December. The Geminids peak this Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 December, and are one of the best showers each year, sometimes with over 100 meteors an hour; they seem to radiate from the constellation Gemini which is high in the night sky now, off at an angle from the top of Orion. What will hopefully be a good show will get the added benefit this year of an early-setting quarter moon, so viewing is excellent. By comparison the Ursids are going to be spoiled by a full moon and are, anyway, a minor show … the pun is intended because they radiate from the Ursa Minor constellation. I’ll post a list of 2019’s meteor showers in the New Year.

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