Legality of El Marqués Centre in Playa Paraiso to be decided by highest court in Spain

The legality of the little frontline El Marqués centre in Playa Paraiso is now to be judged by the Supreme Court for its many alleged irregularities, including that there are dwellings in a commercial centre and that it’s in breach of coastal law. The case has been rumbling on for years, since the construction licence itself was granted, and it has now reached the highest Court in Spain.

The case is brought by the Playa Paraiso Neighbourhood Association, though any sympathy I might feel for its case is undermined by the claim that the dwellings were in any case “only sold to foreigners”. It is, in any case, a last-ditch attempt by the Association to get the centre demolished because its legality has been confirmed now even by the Canarian High Court. Some might say this has the hallmarks of a witch-hunt against the developers … who happen to be French, and so “foreigners” … LO

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