Leroy Merlin in south Tenerife: employment opportunities as new centre is scheduled to open in September

Updated 14 May 2021: I first started this post a decade ago, in 2011, and it was last updated in 2018, so we have been a little while on the subject … and now we learn that Adeje and Leroy Merlin have signed an agreement on employment opportunities, with the council’s job centre (in the CDTCA) managing employment opportunities for Adejeros in the new commercial centre currently under construction. Obviously Leroy Merlin will be hiring more widely but this is good news for an area where many tourism jobs have been afflicted over the past year: for Adeje itself this means a chance of direct employment for up to 130 individuals registered as unemployed in the borough, and registered as job seekers with Adeje. Anyone interested in work opportunities here should contact https://empleo.adeje.es/but everyone, job seekers or not, will no doubt be glad to learn that the centre, at very long last, is scheduled to open in September. That’s this September!

Updated 24 October 2018: The Canarian Government has given the go-ahead, at long last, to the new commercial centre. All obstacles now appear to have been removed to the development which will, indeed be around three times larger than initially envisaged: the original licence was for a development of just over 22,000 m2 and the Government has now granted one of nearly 60,000 m2.

The licence is for a business and leisure park within the Plan Parcial Barranco de Las Torres. Thousands of jobs are expected to be created in the huge centre, where the Tropicana nightclub currently stands near Hipertrebol close to the Adeje junction of the TF1. A huge Leroy Merlin is virtually guaranteed since the company is part owner of the site and co-developer of the project, and a “hypermarket” is also promised though it’s not yet clear which chain will be incorporated in the mall. Works have long-since started on the site though at present an end date hasn’t been confirmed.

Updated 10 June 2017: Excitement in the local media over the arrival of Leroy Merlin in south Tenerife might be somewhat premature. This is a case, after all, that has been going on for at least six years: as you’ll see below the original post in this thread is from 2011! Now, however, there is at least a Court ruling, from the Canarian Supreme Court no less, that the project can go ahead.

In essence this ruling also amounts to a Court order to the regional Government and Tenerife Cabildo to bring their administrative licensing war to an end, and to resolve the illogical situation that saw the same circumstances be granted a licence by one and rejected by the other. The ruling will also, however, inevitably require the various vested interests for and against the store coming south to bring their own war to an end, and that might be no easy matter.

It goes without saying, or it should, that there are further legal options open to both sides … and little doubt that they will take them. Leroy Merlin will come south at some point, but “imminently” is unlikely.

Updated 9 June 2016: Despite the final go-ahead a few years ago, local reports this week say that the developer has decided not to proceed with the Tropicana commercial centre. A major backer of the project, however, appears to be intending to proceed on the same site … instead of one of Europe’s largest shopping malls, we seem to be going to have a Leroy Merlin in south Tenerife.

Updated 25 February 2013: Discussion, Clio and me, on Radio Sur Adeje, earlier today about this new centre. Click HERE to download. Apologies for the sound quality, which isn’t brilliant this time.

Updated 24 February 2013: The new Tropicana Commercial Centre has now been given the final go-ahead with the Canarian High Court’s rejection of an appeal submitted by the Canarian Commerce Federation, Fedeco, against its viability. The Court ruled that there was no municipal law to preclude the granting of a licence. It’s anyone’s guess as to when it will actually open, but open it will.

Original post 4 October 2011: There has been quite a bit in the news over the last day or two about a new commercial centre that has been approved for the Las Torres area of Adeje: from what I’ve seen of the plans, it is intended for the area near the Tropicana nightclub and Hipertrebol.

Local businesses are up in arms at what they see as a potentially huge loss of business, and it’s not going to be for a couple of years in any case, but if this really happens they are talking about a commercial centre of 400,000 square metres.

Meanwhile, construction is about to start on another 120,000 square metre commercial centre on the site next to Siam Park, though there is also controversy over this location because its use was originally classified for leisure but it has been now been recategorized as commercial. Businesses say that this is paradoxical and incomprehensible because the area’s leisure facilities are deficient, whilst the commercial offer is excessive.

Whatever the arguments, it does seem that Adeje will soon have two further large commercial centres over the coming few years. PV

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