Let’s think about our purses and wallets

Crime is, sadly, rocketing, and one area of crime that is rocketing more than any other seems to be opportunistic pickpocketing, so can I suggest that we all, residents and visitors, think about our purses and wallets? I normally carry a couple of much-loved photos, and two or three really quite irreplaceable things – not at all valuable, at least not to anyone else. I’m going to continue to carry the photos, but after I’ve scanned them so I always have a copy on the computer, and am going to store the precious things with other mementos at home.

At least this way, if my purse is stolen, all they get is the small amount of cash I normally carry and a bank card and driving licence that can be cancelled and renewed. It might be an idea too to scan the driving licence to have a copy that might hopefully make it easier to get a replacement. I think the time has gone when any of us, however careful, can persuade ourselves that it only happens to someone else.

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  1. Hi Janet, with regard to driving licence visitors are I believe also required to carry their passport with them as ID. A few years ago we had our driving licences and passports copied and reduced to the size of a credit card and laminated. This was done for us for just a few euros at a photograghers shop in in Las Galletas but I’m sure others would do it with the right equipment. Best regards to you and Peter. Alan & Maureen.

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