Letter in English from Mayor Fraga to Adeje residents



  1. Author

    David, I suggest you send this to Adeje Ayuntamiento, or the mayor, direct, rather than hoping they’ll communicate through my website.

  2. Thank you for your letter and your comments regarding your plans for the future of Adeje. I have seen many improvements in the area, especially around San Eugenio, however, the area around my complex remains in an awful state of repair and maintenance, this must give a terrible impression as it is also on a tourist mini train route. I live on the Tegueste bungalow complex on Calle Antonio Nevara, Torviscas, Costa Adeje, this road is rarely ever swept and under the bushes are many bottles, cans, waste paper and hundreds of cigarette stumps. I have asked a road sweeper to clear around the bushes but he refused. Please could you help?

  3. Thank you very much for your insight & knowledge of all the Ex – Pats who have made Tenerife their home.
    We try very hard to integrate into the society we have chosen live in. Some of us ” Oldies ” do have a problem with learning the language but we persevere ( as do the locals we meet ). We have made many many friends here in Tenerife & hope that you will continue all the good work you have done so far.

  4. we need a Mayor like this in Arona!

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