Lidl was first, what will be next?

Update 4 August: and approved it was.

It transpires that two commercial parks are being planned: as well as the Barranco Las Torres one, there is to be another next to Siam Park. It’s possible, it seems, that they could be commercial centres with leisure facilities if not large superstores. Either way, local small businesses are completely up in arms about the now approved plans, and are planning a massive petition which they intend to hand personally to President Paulino Rivero. DA, C24H

I can’t make up my mind whether I think these new centres are a good idea or not, but I’m tending towards approving of them …

Original post 29 July: The Canarian Government’s Board of Commerce has called an Island Commerce Commission for tomorrow, 30 July, to approve the setting up of a Commercial Park of 23,842 m2 in parcela ET1, Plan Parcial Sector 10, Barranco Las Torres, Adeje. This is where Mercadona, Makro, the agricultural market are, and in brief, this means they’re looking to introduce more big names like Lidl.

There’s an absolutely huge outcry from small businesses and their federations, but generally the Government gets its way here. This whole plan won’t be without its problems and delays, but in my opinion, they’re about to open the gates to more. Lidl has set the stage … who knows what will be next.  C24H

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