Lions’ donations help Las Nieves children’s home

The Adeje children’s home in Las Nieves has been around for ten years now, and recently Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, together with Adeje’s Social Welfare councillor Isabel Fernández González were delighted to thank personally members of the Tenerife Sur Lions whose donations have enabled extensive renovations and refurnishing.

The home, which can house up to 8 children at any one time, provides a caring and protective home for youngsters between 10 and 15 years who, for a variety of reasons, cannot stay in their family home. Children come from all over the island to the centre, which is operated jointly by Adeje council and the regional government department for minors and families. The centre works to offer these children stability and a safe and well organised place where they can live and grow. In many cases they are helped to re-establish relationships in a non-conflictive atmosphere, and taught life skills which help them grow as individuals, training them for reintegration, either into their family homes where appropriate, or into society in general.

Mayor Fraga expressed his gratitude to the Lions representatives, which included Mike Marshall, Norman Goodall and Prakash Udhwani, thanking their ongoing commitment to solidarity. “In Adeje we are very aware of the importance of sharing”, he said. “This home has made its contribution too and today has helped rear people who now have a real alternative in life. We welcome this and other donations, which, I believe, are proof that humanity has a future, and as an administration we are always here to help initiatives such as this one.”

The team in Las Nieves operates under the direction of Inmeculada Hernández, and others instrumental in the evolution of the project include the coordinator of the Adeje department of health, Juan Blas Matías, as well as Margarita Álvarez and Itziar Osa.


  1. I would like to donate directly to the home, how would i go about this?

    1. Author

      I think in the first instance you should get in touch with Adeje council, and the most accessible way to do that would be to contact Clio O’Flynn, Adeje’s communication officer. She will be able to direct you then within the council organization.

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