Liverpool man in coma in Candelaria hospital after being found with head wounds in TFS

A 45-year-old British tourist identified as Sean Breigdeman from Liverpool is in hospital after being found in the bathrooms at Tenerife Sur airport with head injuries. The incident took place shortly before 6pm on Tuesday just after Mr Breigdeman arrived in Tenerife off a Ryanair flight, apparently to attend a family wedding: he was to meet up with his partner and her family here. He texted those who were to meet him to say he had landed, but some sources say that he was not discovered until 6pm on Wednesday, a full 24 hours later, and that the family had been frantically searching for him in the meantime.

After being discovered, he was initially transferred to hospital in Playa de las Américas, but was transferred to Candelaria hospital’s intensive care unit due to the severity of his injuries. The poor man is currently in a coma – induced, though the hospital says he was already in a coma when admitted; medical sources say his head wounds are unlikely to have been accidental, and that condition is so critical that they are not confident that he will ever fully regain consciousness. Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil continues its investigation.


  1. I thought they cleaned those toilets several times a day – how could he possibly have been there for 24 hours?

  2. Author

    Yes, me too … and I don’t know.

  3. Hi
    I would just like to add that Sean is now back in the UK after several months of rehabilitation and is making slow progress.
    Sean sustained traumatic brain injury and now has epilepsy due to his injuries.
    The police in Tenerife closed the case sometime ago and claim Sean fell.
    We have medical evidence to state that the injuries Sean sustained are not due to a fall.
    We are following this up in the UK.
    Sean will never work again.
    I have kept the info above short and sweet as it is distressing to discuss in detail.
    It would appear there are huge differences in the standard of the police procedures and policies in Tenerife than there is compared to the UK.
    The fight for justice continues

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