Local sailor charged with dereliction of duty in failing to help dying man

I reported HERE on 1 May that a German visitor died after going swimming in Masca bay while on a catamaran excursion. Despite resuscitation efforts on board, which were taken up by medics at Los Gigantes harbour, the poor man died of cardiac arrest. Now it appears that there was a chance his life might have been saved because a small boat, much faster than the catamaran, was available to take him to harbour where the quarter of an hour or so saved could have been crucial.

Police say, however, that this small boat refused to take the dying man, and that the sailor concerned has now been arrested. He was located by the Guardia Civil from statements taken from those on board and enquiries carried out in the harbour area, and identified as a young man of around 30 years of age and with initials PJ, a local of Santiago del Teide municipality. He has been detained and imputed for failing to provide life-saving help, which is a legal duty on us all. Appallingly, police report that the sailor had responded to requests for help with the words “it’s nothing to do with me, it’s their problem”.

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