Playa de las Vistas losing sand, locals say

Locals and bathers say that Playa de Las Vistas in Los Cristianos has been losing sand for some time, and that one can see rocky patches in certain areas, particularly under the edge of the water. They have asked for a study to determine if the problem is being caused by the wind and/or tides, a particular problem with man-made beaches, and what sort of solution can be found.

They stress that Arona municipality relies on tourism as its principal industry and that the beaches are, evidently, what it is judged by, particularly one so notable as this. They complain, too, that the promenade along the beach is dirty, and that there are not sufficient bins, or at least that they aren’t emptied frequently enough, and that the area’s image is suffering.

Council environment spokesman Antonio Sosa said that the situation was of concern, and that sand was possibly being displaced by the wind. Sr Sosa did not rule out a study to try to establish if there could be other factors at play, and said that once the high season was over repair works would be carried out, and that every two to three years the council and the Dept of Costas redistributes sand in any case. El Dia

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  1. The sand there isn’t natural, so what do they expect? Yet again man thinking he can over-ride the natural?

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