Call for extras for Stallone’s Rambo V which will set up in the Santa Cruz Palmetum for the duration of filming

Updated 6 October: The Palmetum in Santa Cruz will be the main “base camp” for the production team over the three and a half weeks of filming Rambo V, whose storyline is Rambo’s fight against a dangerous Mexican drugs cartel. This is why a call for extras is directed especially at men and women with an “Aztec appearance”: those interested should be between 18 and 65 years old, and will be advantaged if they have tattooes, goatee beards, or dark ideally long hair. Prospective extras can register HERE before 11pm on Sunday 21 October, reference 39318, uploading full face and profile photos, and a word document with full name, contact details and measurements (height, build etc).

Original post 4 October: We’ve heard that Wonder Woman is to be filmed partly in Tenerife, and some will also have heard that another major film, Rambo V, will be shot in Tenerife, and today the Tenerife Cabildo has confirmed the locations for the shoot, which will take around three weeks after it starts within a few days now. Tenerife President Carlos Alonso said at the presentation that “Tenerife is once again an international benchmark for filming thanks to its wonderful natural conditions and the fiscal incentives available for producers, as well as for local businesses which become involved in the shoots”.

Island tourism chief Alberto Bernabé said that his department’s work, through the Tenerife Film Commission, is key to these major movies that are being filmed here. The confirmed locations for Rambo V are Abades, the Centro Ambiental de Arico, and areas of Santa Cruz. It is not known whether the film’s star, Sylvester Stallone, will actually be in Tenerife during filming here.


  1. Register on employment register first then access job from Ofertas Job 393-18

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