Loro Parque becomes first European zoo to receive American Humane animal welfare certificate

Photo: Loro Parque.

Loro Parque has become the first zoo in Europe to receive an animal welfare certificate from American Humane. The prestigious US conservation organization was founded in 1877 and is the world’s largest certifier of the welfare and humane treatment of animals in working, entertainment, and other environments.

The awarded was presented on Friday morning to Loro Parque founder and president Wolfgang Kiessling, who expressed understandable delight and said that the zoo had always been committed to the defence of animal welfare, and would continue to lead the way in responsible care and conservation of animals in a world where human beings already exceeded 7.5 billion.

The award ceremony was attended by the Canarian Government’s Candelaria Umpiérrez, Tenerife Turismo’s Vicente Dorta, and Puerto de la Cruz mayor Lope Afonso, and the Executive Director of American Humane, Dr Robin Ganzert, who said that the organization “recognized the incredible work of Loro Parque’s staff and management, and congratulated them on the remarkable achievement of becoming the first institution in Europe to achieve the prestigious American Humane Conservation’s Humane Certified seal of approval. The doctor continued that it certified that Loro Parque carried out its responsibilities with the highest standards of animal welfare.

She said that the certificate should “confirm to any visitor of this majestic Park that the animals that live here are loved and receive the best care.” Among the criteria noted in the certification are the excellent state of health and accommodation of the animals; positive social interactions within groups of animals and between animals and keepers; safe environments with evident concern for factors like suitable lighting, sound levels, air quality, and thermoregulation; and evidence of preparations and protocols set up to prevent and manage medical emergencies.




  1. You can not talk about animal welfare when they are trapped in a zoo they should be FREEEE !!!

    1. Author

      You can indeed talk about animal welfare. Whether there should be zoos at all is one matter, but where there are actually zoos, it is entirely appropriate to speak of their conditions and applaud those that make the best environment for their charges.

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