Loro Parque helps in release back into wild of illegally-captured red-masked parakeets

Photo: Loro Parque.

Loro Parque says that after helping in the rescue of 20 red-masked parakeets that were illegally captured, the birds were released in a reintroduction program back into their native habitat where they have adapted and are now able to interact with their peers in the wild. The scheme is part of an important conservation effort with the Jocotoco Foundation in Ecuador, and the birds are now in the Buenaventura Reserve where a large outdoor aviary allows the birds to adjust to their home surroundings before being completely released back into the wild. Since the capture of this kind of parrots occurs more often than one might think, the birds have been marked with microchips to try to prevent them from being captured again, and to ensure they could be identified if they were.

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