Loro Parque introduces baby meerkats

photo courtesy of Loro Parque
photo courtesy of Loro Parque

It’s just shy of three years since Loro Parque introduced four home-born baby meerkats (link) and they are thrilled to announce, once more, an increase in the population of these delightful creatures with the birth of three more. The park says that the new infants, together with its new young sealion¬†Rocky, and various other novelties, make this an excellent time to visit what is the most awarded zoological park in Spain. As I’ve said myself before, I think it’s a wonderful place: HERE is the website to find out more, and organize a visit.

Loro Parque says that the new meerkats’ birth and development over their first two months of life went impeccably and totally naturally, with no intervention or vet assistance needed, and that the youngsters are inquisitive and highly social, and are already enchanting the park’s visitors.


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