Loro Parque rescues and recuperates loggerhead turtle with spinal injuries caused by boat propeller collision

Photo: Loro Parque.

Loro Parque has released the following lovely video of Federica the loggerhead turtle who suffered spinal injuries from a ship’s propeller off the Italian coast earlier this year. The Parque says that Federica is now fully adapted to her new home in the Humboldt Penguin Aquarium in Planet Penguin, and has progressed a lot in her training, which reflects in her overall well-being.

The turtle’s injuries meant that she suffered a deformation in her shell, buoyancy problems and serious damage to her spinal cord. At one point, it was even mooted that euthanasia could be an option since in her condition she would be absolutely unable to survive in the wild. Loro Parque wanted to give her a chance, however, and her condition improves by the day, and she is in receipt of constant excellent veterinary care.

She is fed at a distance as can be seen in the video to allow her caregivers to control her health and wellbeing but avoid causing her any kind of stress. The Parque says that her remarkably quick adaptation to this method  contributes to guaranteeing her wellbeing, and allows her diet to be tailored according to her needs as determined by weight and blood test results.

Loro Parque says that  this charismatic turtle weighs 24.5 kilos, and acts as a true ambassador for all turtles, which have to face numerous difficulties in the wild, such as the growing maritime traffic that often leads to collisions. In addition, by welcoming her, Loro Parque reinforces its commitment to the protection of biodiversity and boosts the awareness of its visitors about the dramatic reality faced by the oceans and the species that inhabit them.

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