Loro Parque showcases Blue, a Hyacinth macaw that can be seen in free flight over Puerto de la Cruz

I hope you enjoy this video from Loro Parque explaining how they work with birds and other animals, naturally, but in this case it’s how confidence is generated in birds to such an extent that we can see Blue, a Hyacinth macaw, in free flight. This bird, the video explains, is the largest parrot on earth*, with a beak that can crack walnuts since it has a “bite” that is one of the most powerful in the world. Loro Parque’s work with this particular bird is vital because it is under severe threat of extinction.

The Fundaci√≥n has indeed saved other macaws such as the Lear’s from that threat … just put macaw in the search box on the right and you’ll find a few other such articles. This particular one, though, shows a Hyacinth macaw that is very much alive, and some days can even be seen flying freely over Puerto de la Cruz because the bird goes where it likes, and always returns to its carers such is its confidence in them, and in the home from home environment created for all the birds in the Parque.

*The Parque means that this is the largest flying parrot on Earth … there’s a flightless one in New Zealand that’s actually heavier, the kakapo.