Loro Parque shows how they replicate animals’ natural feeding environments and keep them healthy and interested in their diets as major reports show species in the wild are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate

Some of the Loro Parque lemurs which appear in the video and which have been included in the reports as critically endangered in the wild. Photo: Loro Parque.

It’s wonderful how they recreate the natural environment as far as they possibly can for these animals, some of whom belong to species that have just in the last few days been detailed by the biggest environmental catastrophe reports compiled for years.

These reports show we are killing species in the wild at a rate that is unprecedented in human history, that we have already triggered the sixth mass extinction event in planetary history, and that we are dooming ourselves to extinction if we don’t act because we need these species, especially the insects that we have pretty much wiped out from the planet (anyone else remember car journeys of even five minutes where the windscreen would be covered with splattered insects? Now you can go one end of the country to another with nary a moth on the windscreen).

I know people don’t like the “tanks”, and some deplore any and all zoos on “principle”, but the conservation and preservation carried out by Loro Parque will contribute to saving the planet, however much some loathe it. I personally love it, at least for its mammalian and especially avian work. I hope you like the video they’ve released today, anyway, showing how they try to replicate natural feeding environments for animals, keeping them healthy and interested in their diets.

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