EU rejects animal rights group’s attempt to force release of Loro Parque’s orca Morgan

Update 21 September 2012: Animal rights campaign group “Proyecto Gran Simio” took Morgan’s case to Europe to try to force her release into the wild, but the EU Parliament has now ruled that her transfer here was legal, and that she should stay at Loro Parque. The group had argued that Morgan was in danger at Loro Parque after being transferred last year from the Hardwick dolphinarium in Holland. President of the Petitions commission, Erminia Mazzoni (PPE), however, said that after hearing evidence concerning the manner of Morgan’s transfer and the conditions at Loro Parque,  the case had now been closed.

I know that every time I post anything on Orcas (or even Loro Parque now) it unleashes a huge number of posts, some aggressive and many unpleasant. I am merely reporting this as news, not passing an opinion on whales in captivity, nor even on Loro Parque, but my opinion of that as a superb facility is on record. Because of the reaction these stories usually get, I am closing this post to comments. Please direct any comments you might have to the news source the report came from: Canarias7 HERE.

Original post 21 November 2011:  A Dutch Court has today ruled that an orca, named Morgan, can be transferred from a dolphinarium in Holland to Loro Parque. The case had been brought by an whale defence group who were arguing for the animal to be returned to the sea off the coast of Norway where, in its opinion, it would integrate rapidly with others of its species in the area.

The Court ruled that the Dutch authorities had received sufficient guarantees about the conditions Morgan would find in Loro Parque. The date of transfer is still to be arranged because it is a major logistical operation, given that Morgan weighs some 1,200 kilos and will be transported by air.

A Loro Parque spokesperson said that Morgan is currently in a small enclosure in Holland, whereas Tenerife offers one of the most modern installations in the world.