Loro Parque achieves world first at successfully breeding twin two toed sloths in captivity

loro parque sloths

Loro Parque has achieved a world first by breeding two two-toed sloths. The infants’ parents are sloths called Bimba and Bianco, of 4 and 5 years of age, who came to the Parque in 2007 from an Italian zoo. The births have generated huge international interest because it seems that no other zoo has managed to breed the species in captivity. The little mammals were born in the tropical ecosystem that Loro Parque has designed specifically to exhibit the sloths, and the births are clear evidence that the environment is perfect for the creatures.

One of the baby sloths is sharing the precinct with the parents, while the other is being cared for by the Parque’s veterinary team to ensure its wellbeing and growth until it can be sufficiently independent to return to the display area the family shares with green iguanas, 12 Titi monkeys and 2 red foot turtles. Both sloth babies are strong and well developed, and have now opened their eyes. The Parque has released the following video, featuring Rafael Zamora, the Parque’s biologist. It’s in Spanish, but the film is delightful to watch. TinerGuía


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  1. They’re cute, and the Loro Parque seems to do good work so far as trade in endangered bird species goes. Shame they don’t extend the same attitude to dolphins and orcas.

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