Lorry collision at Arico leaves one driver dead

Update 11 April: Yesterday’s tragic crash seems to have become even sadder with unconfirmed reports today that the other lorry driver died overnight. The original victim of the horrendous accident was a Cabildo roadworks employee who was laying cones on the side of the road when a Fonteide lorry loaded with water bottles veered out of control and hit him, killing him instantly. The Fonteide lorry overturned through the force of the collision with the Cabildo vehicle.

Original post 10 April: An horrendous collision between two lorries on the southbound TF1 at Arico just after 7 this morning left one driver dead and the other injured. Bomberos were called to the incident and had to cut both drivers free, but when paramedics were then able to get access to the men, they were unable to help one of them, being able only to confirm his death at the scene. The other driver was transferred to Hospitén Sur with head injuries where his condition is said not to be serious.

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