Annual Los Abrigos Beer Festival replaced by the Heineken Fiesta this Saturday, 1 September

Updated 28 August: The Beer Festival might have been cancelled but there will be a Heineken Fiesta this Saturday, 1 September, in the plaza at Los Abrigos. The announcement has been made by the local Comisión de Fiestas who say it all starts at 6pm and that there’ll be live music from Clave de Son and Quimbao La Nuit.

Updated 10 August: Sadly the council has not seen fit to make an official statement through any usual channels but the local PSOE (socialist) party has announced that the beer festival has been cancelled because, it says, of lack of support from the governing group formed by the Coalición Canaria and Partido Popular. Local businesses are said to be very disappointed at losing one of the most important events in their commercial calendars, and many locals are said to be angry that the council seems to ignore Los Abrigos, claiming that the authorities only care about El Médano.

Original post 4 July: It’s now a regular, and very successful, date in the Los Abrigos calendar since it started back in 2010, and this year’s Los Abrigos Beer Festival will be held on Saturday, 11 August, as part of Granadilla’s Sansofé 2018. It will be held as usual in the Paseo Marítimo and is once again organized by the Asociación de Empresarios y Comerciantes de Los Abrigos. It’s another full day, starting at 11am and going on until 1am Sunday morning!




  1. Have you this years beer and tapas festival date yet pls?

  2. Author

    no, not yet.

  3. will there be a festival in 2019

  4. Author

    I don’t know, I’m afraid.

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