Los Abrigos Beer and Tapas Festival this Saturday, 8 August

It’s now a regular, and very successful, date in the Los Abrigos calendar since it started back in 2010, and the 6th Summer Beer and Tapas Festival will be held around the little harbour’s paseo marítimo this Saturday, 8 August. Beer will cost €1, and there will also be tapas available, also at €1, all to the background of live music. The music and the beer will start flowing at 11am and won’t stop until 11pm.


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    You’re not alone Billy. The council is creating a fuss with the Cabildo, who’s co-financing the works, to get them finished. THIS was published in La Opinión only a few days ago.

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    Does anyone know what is happening to Los Abrigos? About a year ago works started on the main street but ground to a halt about 5 months ago. Most of the on street parking has been turned into an enormous footpath about 15 meters wide. Work then stopped leaving deep trenches across the road and raised man hole covers. Rather than being improved the town has been turned into something resembling a third world jungle village where every day you risk damaging your car just by passing through. If there is no money to finish why did they start in the first place? I fear this situation is seriously damaging the small local businesses.

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