Los Abrigos’ fiestas patronales de San Blas

Los Abrigos’ fiestas patronales de San Blas

photo: Granadilla Ayuntamiento

This year’s Los Abrigos’ fiestas patronales de San Blas will start on Wednesday 29 August and last until 10 September, with the full programme to be unveiled in the near future: the auction procedure for stallholders to acquire a pitch is already underway. Usually, on the second weekend, there is the famous Romería Barquera – maritime romeria – with the procession of the religious statue from the church to the harbour and the fireworks afterwards with a weekend of events, including a procession, communal paella, floral offerings in the sea, and a dance.

There is a video below of a different Romería Barquera – that of Senora Mercedes de Roja in El Médano, filmed by Nikki Attree in 2017 – but it will give a great idea of what these events are like.






  1. We are here tonight looking forward to it

  2. Hi Janet,
    It appears that today sunday 6th September is the “Noche en Blanco” and Sunday 13th September the procesion by boot and fireworks… a friend, who now is in Los Abrigos told me this.
    Strange that the website Granadilla still has the wrong information:
    I hope people are not disappointed if they miss some “fiestas”.
    Just to inform you.
    Best regards,

  3. Went to the fiesta in Los Abrigos last night, absolutely brilliant the firework display was the best I have seen on the Island in the last 9 years, even better than Alcala..
    Can anyone explain what the meaning is behind the boats coming in and out of the harbour during the formalities of the evening.

  4. Author

    It’s a fishing village and this fiesta is paying religious honour to its patron saint. The boats and the floral tributes are a traditional part of paying such respects to the saint in all coastal villages.

  5. Hi Janet do you know which date in September 2016is the process in in los abrigos carole

  6. Author

    No, I’m sorry, I still don’t know. I’ve asked the council because I know how many people are interested in this fiesta, but they haven’t bothered to reply, not even to say the date hasn’t been confirmed yet!

  7. Hi Janet, would you be so kind as to let me know what dates the Fiestas Patronales de San Blas are for September 2016, looking forward to joining in on the local celebrations again.
    Many Thanks
    Anita Hughes

  8. Author

    I can only repeat the comment immediately above from the 6th, I’m afraid that I still don’t know. As I say, I’ve asked the council because I know how many people are interested in this fiesta, but they haven’t bothered to reply, not even to say the date hasn’t been confirmed yet!

  9. It’s NORMALLY the 2nd Saturday in September which would make it the 10th …

  10. Just discovered this wonderful site after hearing wacka-wacka birds for the first time in several years of visits to Tenerife! My question is, are there any firm dates yet for the Los Abrigos fiestas patronales in September 2018? Thank you!

  11. Author

    They always announce the date very late on, I’m afraid. I don’t know it yet, sadly, but it will be end August to mid September sort of time.

  12. Interesting re the date. Our local fishermen opposite thought that the carnival was over the second weekend of September, but your post now seems to suggest that it will be the first weekend. The festival normally only goes from Wednesday to the following Monday evening, inclusive.

    Just received this from the Los Abrigos, Vecinos site, which does tie in to what was expected. I have written to the Ayuntimiento for their comments.

    Yesica Diaz Ramos The party begins on August 31, on Sunday 2 pilgrimage, children’s gala Wednesday 5, adult Thursday 6 and so follows everything.

  13. Author

    The details in the post above are from the Fiestas Department of the Ayuntamiento, just to clarify.

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