Los Corazones de Tejina

Photo: Turismo Tenerife.

In a similar vein to the Los Realejos fireworks in May, another Tenerife town has a competition between streets. During this month, three huge hearts – each one 12 metres tall and not far off the weight of a small car – will be the centrepiece of a competition between El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo, streets in Tejina, a quaint little town in La Laguna municipality. Los corazones de Tejina – the hearts of Tejina – are created from natural products including wood, flowers, fruit, and even bread, and are part of the town’s fiesta of San Bartolomé.

Tenerife Turismo says that the festival is a unique event in Tenerife, with Tejina filled with music, flowers, smaller hearts, a fair, competitions, traditional food and dancing. The main events, though, are the romeria, fireworks and the raising and procession of the hearts through the town over the weekends culminating in Sunday 25 August and Sunday 1 September. This is one of the most colourful and dramatic traditions in Tenerife, and certainly one that’s very old, and it has been declared a Heritage of Cultural Interest.

The following video from the local association will give a flavour of what it’s like when the three hearts are brought into the church square:

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