Los Cristianos beach reopened after latest analysis shows water suitable for bathing

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 18 September: Arona Ayuntamiento says that following Sanidad’s latest inspection the closure of Los Cristianos beach has been lifted. The council says that the analyses show normal parameters and water perfectly suitable for bathing and so the beach has been reopened from lunchtime.

Original post 17 September: Los Cristianos beach is closed again today after the latest analysis of water quality shows E.coli bacteria. The area has been cordoned off as a security measure, with the council saying it is investigating the cause of the problem, and is in touch with the Ports Authority and the Insular Water Board to establish if there has been some incident since there are no outlet pipes in the immediate vicinity.

This is a claim disputed by some locals who say they saw the beach being made and know full well what is under the sand, while other locals say the cause is only too obvious, alleging that they have seen with their own eyes how boats used by tourists empty their sewage right next to the beach, leaving floating residue that anyone can see if they have a mind to.

Environment councillor José Luis Gómez says that it appears to be an isolated incident as evidenced by weekly routine checks and controls. The council, he said, was monitoring the situation and looking into the problem to resolve it as soon as possible and guarantee bathers’ security.  

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