Los Cristianos children’s play area closed after fumigation fails to solve flea problem

A play area in Los Cristianos is plagued with fleas and other insects as a result of excessive dog mess left there by thoughtless owners. The play area has now been closed since even fumigation has not had an effect.

Residents are up in arms about the problem in Calle Noruega, the little road that runs alongside and above San Telmo and then around the bend and up the hill until it joins the main road just past wher Blueberry Bobs used to be.

The news has now even been on the television, which will do the town no favours at all. Locals blame the general cleanliness of children’s play areas in the town, and the lack of lighting in this one in particular, but clearly the main part of the problem is down to the dog owners themselves, some because they don’t clean up after them, and others because they simply let their dogs out to do their business unsupervised. El Dia

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