Los Cristianos’ derelict “House of the Rock” has its days numbered as it’s formally declared a ruin

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento
Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that it is starting the procedure to declare the derelict and squatter-filled  so-called Casa del Peña – the “House of the Rock” – on the bay in Los Cristianos a “ruin”. The council’s Urbanism department will then evict any occupants for safety reasons and cordon the property off. The house has become notorious as both an eyesore and the domain of squatters, some considered drug users, and others dangerous – it was the home, for example, of Deyan Deyanov, who committed probably the most horrendous crime Los Cristianos has ever seen when he killed Jennifer Mills-Westley. The move has been made at the joint instigation of Arona Policía Local and the council’s own Environment department. Arona’s Planning department head Carmelo García said that the property’s owner will be notified, as will the department of Costas since the building occupies public coastal territory. I would say that this means the building has its days very clearly numbered.


  1. It’s all boarded up and the surrounding area tided up, it looked quite nice and would make a great bar

  2. Author

    I would have posted, of course, if I had any news.

  3. It is still standing. I am in the cafe opposite. Any update what it’s future will be ?

  4. What ever happened it still there Arona forgot about this eyesore??

  5. Hi John P, didnt get that close to the bottles to be 100%
    certain but sure looked like P to me. Either way it didnt look
    aPPEAling , surrounded by dog poo as well. Area needs
    a bit of TLC for sure

  6. Urine or used cooking oil ???

  7. The Casa del Pena is an eyesore now and to convert it to a restaurant or anything else would cost a fortune. Cheaper and easier on the eye to just flatten and clear the area. The other derelict properties further along at Tarajeles need to be brought down as well. Complete eye sores. Recently I saw a large number of 5ltr water drums obviously filled with urine lined up outside the ruin close to the Tarajeles restaurant awaiting disposal. They sat there for a number of days before removal. Not good for the tourist trade in Cristianos

  8. Sad news really that this building may not be saved and utilised as a museum or something cultural. As you can see from THIS old photo, Casa del Pena was possibly one of the oldest buildings in Los Cristianos. The photo shows the house surrounded by just agricultural land. I am guessing it is still privately owned by descendants of the original owner, who are hard to trace. It does make you wonder though, because someone must have made a lot of money out of the sale of the prime land sourrounding it.

  9. hi janet i believe the building was once a summer house on the beach,used by the family ofthe then banana plantation owner such a shame it couldt have been restored to its former glory!! as its part of christianos history,i believe there are photos of it befor it became deralict!! thers another building along by the crazy golf coarse which is used by sqatters and in a very dangerous state and i hear full of rats thanx for the info janet

  10. Always thought it would have been ideal for a really nice restaurant

  11. Such a shame. Would have loved to convert it into a house if the price was right.

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