Los Cristianos estate agent Paul Lennox attacked and robbed at home in Adeje

Over the last few days there have been various news reports concerning a violent attack and robbery on a British “businessman “, or “estate agent”. Some have been vague, others have been wildly exaggerated, and yet others simply wrong. Now, I can report, sadly, that Los Cristianos estate agent Paul Lennox was the victim of an aggravated burglary around 9.15pm last Saturday evening whilst at home.

At the time, he was alone in his house near the Otelo restaurant at the top of Adeje, since his wife was in the UK, something he says is a blessing. He was surprised, in his own words, by “four heavy thugs who beat me unconcious, taped my mouth and hands and then robbed me”. He was on the terrace when he became aware of his four assailants, wearing tracksuit tops with hoods up and zipped up to cover their mouths. He ran into the kitchen and barred the door but almost immediately the living room’s patio window was shattered by a garden ornament, thrown at it with force. Paul was beaten and tied, as he has described, and the next thing he was aware of was his neighbour undoing his bindings, and calling the police on his behalf.

The Guardia Civil is investigating this violent robbery with intimidation, which Paul is at a loss to explain, not least because the only item stolen was a Rolex watch he had been wearing, and which is worth €4,000 (not the €50,000 reported). Despite the presence of other valuable items in the house, nothing was removed, though the men did rummage through wardrobes, apparently seeking a safe. Although Paul himself caught barely a fleeting glimpse of eyes and noses before losing consciousness, three of the four were seen by neighbours the previous day dawdling near the house; they were also heard speaking and it appears that they are Canarians.

Paul is still recovering from the injuries they dealt his face, head and arms, which were initially treated at Adeje health centre, and then in Hospitén Sur. It must have been a terrifying ordeal, and I am sure that many in the British community here will wish him a full and speedy recovery – psychologically as well as physically.


  1. That is awful. Poor Paul!

  2. Absolutely disgusting! They should be hanged when caughts! Hope he is ok and they catch these ********

  3. all THE best paul . greetings . peter

  4. A horrible experience for anyone to have. I hope Paul has a speedy recovery and the memory of what happened fades quickly too.

  5. Sorry paul for your ordeal hope all is well with you. Lets hope the police can catch these criminals and that the law will punish them accordingly.
    Sorry once again paul
    Dougy marr

  6. Paul, devastated to hear of your attack! Please be assured of our concern and we hope they are caught quickly.

  7. Get well soon Paul, thoughts are with you and Sue

  8. So sorry to hear about this terrible attack Paul. Cheryll and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  9. Hello Paul, david and I read of your appalling attack and wish you a very speedy recovery. Regards Judy and Dave ellison

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