Los Cristianos girl represents Spain in Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas


Update 24 August: The contest ended just a few hours ago, and the winner was Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete. The hot favourite had been Miss Philippines, who eventually came fifth, but once again, as in the last couple of years, the winner is a Latin American girl. Adriana Reverón, Miss Spain, came 22nd out of a field of more than 80.

Update 22 August: Adriana Reverón says that “the support I’m getting from Tenerife is an incentive to bring out the best in me”. The 24-year-old student and beauty queen will be competing in just a few hours now for the Miss Universe title, though events have been going on for the past week or so since competitors arrived in Las Vegas.  The Spanish press says that she is one of the favourites, though some less directly involved sources suggest she is not a hot favourite. Miss Philippines is widely expected to win. El Dia

Original post 24 July: Adriana Reverón, a 24-year-old model and construction engineering student from Los Cristianos, is off to Las Vegas to represent Spain in Miss Universe on 23 August. Tenerife has had a Miss Spain take part in Miss World, when Patricia Yurena Rodríguez became Miss Tenerife 2007 and Miss Spain 2008, but Adriana is the first Tinerfeña since 1977 to represent Spain in the Miss Universe contest. She was chosen at a competition in Madrid on 13 July. El Dia

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