Los Cristianos harbour breakwater reinforcement should be completed next week

Photo: Puertos de Tenerife.

Updated 24 March 2021: The Ports Authority has announced that the works to reinforce Los Cristianos harbour’s breakwater will be completed next week. Puertos de Tenerife said that 1,258 concrete blocks each of 30 tons had been used in the repair works along 155 metres of the breakwater as stipulated in the project. The size and extent of the cubic blocks used in the works have required the use of largest crane in the Canaries as well as a high-res marine echo sounder to give real-time images to ensure the blocks were correctly fitted together under the water line. Further works will be needed on the breakwater beyond the now reinforced 155m, but this will be the subject of a separate project to be contemplated at the end of this year at the earliest.  

Original post 1 September 2020: Some complaints about noise, and some concerns about a potential increase in capacity, have accompanied recently started works at Los Cristianos harbour. In fact, the works have been planned for a year or so, and the tender was awarded back in February to a company which will replace and redistribute the concrete blocks that contain the harbour. The Ports Authority says that 1,048 of these blocks weighing some 30 tons as shown in the image above will be replaced in the breakwater which has suffered displacement and needs reinforcement. The works will be carried out at night between 8pm and 6am when there is no ferry traffic, and are expected to take ten or so months

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  1. This noise at the port is very annoying, we just can’t sleep at night. Especially for those who are living close to the harbor. Thinking that it will last 10 months is just unlivable.

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