Is cockroach problem really increasing, or is it the result of cutbacks in fumigation?

Update 8 September: There’s a “plague” of them in La Orotava now, and the Ayuntamiento has had to bring in specialist exterminators to deal with the problem. The Council says it’s the hotter weather we’ve had this summer that is at the root of the problem, but we’ve not had a particularly hot summer, so to me, it sounds as though they’re glossing over a problem that’s been caused by cutbacks in fumigation … LO

Original post 26 August: Los Cristianos is overrun by cockroaches. That’s the message from businesses, residents and even tourists, who have now denounced the problem, and the poor image of the town that this creates. Particular areas where they are said to be “proliferating out of control” are around the bus station, where they have taken over the walls, gardens and pathways, and some parts of the paseo marítimo.

Bus company TITSA says that the responsibilities for keeping the bus station free from the insects clearly lie with the Ayuntamiento de Arona. Businesses in the town centre say that more fumigations are needed throughout the town in general, particularly the paseo marítimo, which is the main part seen by tourists.

Environment councillor, Antonio Sosa, asked the public to complain to the Ayuntamiento by calling 010 instead of going to the press, but admitted that the insect was a problem everywhere. Many might see his response as an attempt simply to keep the issue out of public view, but with the town teeming with cockroaches, that is not an approach likely to be as successful as increasing the rate of fumigations! DA

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  1. I’m staying in Las Ameeicas and there was an enormous red one in the bathroom at 4am today…They really make my skin crawl.

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