New cracks seen in cliff face of Los Gigantes beach where two women died in 2009

Update 8 July: The “foreseeable future” turns out to be 24 hours. A new report, commissioned by the council and announced this morning personally by the mayor, Juan Gorrín, says that the borough’s engineers are satisfied that the cracks represent no danger to the public. The beach will be open from midday. In an implicit criticism of the acting mayor’s decision to close the beach, mayor Gorrín said that the new report from Dragados was based on nothing but a report from some neighbours about cracks that were existing, and which had been treated in phase 1 of the restoration works.

Update 7 July: Following an engineers’ inspection carried out by Dragados, the company which performed the first phase of restoration, the acting mayor of Santiago del Teide, Ibrahim Forte, has said that Playa de Los Guíos will remain closed for the foreseeable future for security reasons. The new cracks which have appeared in the Los Gigantes cliff walls are said to be of around three metres, and a new more exhaustive analysis will now be carried out to determine the definitive state of the terrain. In addition, vertical works specialists will perform a specific check of the cracks and establish how extensive they are.

Original post 6 July: No-one will forget the tragedy in November 2009 when two women died in a landslide at Playa de los Guíos in Los Gigantes (link). The beach was closed for around two years while works were done to secure the cliff face, and mayor Gorrin of Santiago del Teide was found responsible for reckless homicide, as were the municipal technical architect and the chief engineer of the provincial Costas service (link).

Now, Playa de los Guíos has been closed again “as a preventative measure” after cracks became visible in the cliff wall, and the council’s plans for second phase restoration, approved in April, have now been postponed until after September, with a statement expected in the near future as to the situation of the beach over the summer.

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