Los Gigantes diver in serious condition in hospital

Photo: Actualidad Policial Tenerife Sur.

Updated 17 June: The owner of the vessel involved has contradicted the official account of the incident. She says that “the man in question was snorkelling on his own without any marker buoy while wearing a black wet suit which made him invisible to boat traffic. He had entered the water from the beach and as the beach does not have a swimmers marker zone he swam out aproximately 250m from the beach and entered the boat traffic zone to the approach to enter the marina when he was hit by the boat. He was then airlifted to hospital with a serious knee injury.”

Original post 16 June: Emergency services say that a 40-year-old diver is in serious condition in Candelaria hospital this evening after receiving serious leg injuries in a collision with a boat around 4.30pm this afternoon while sitting on one of the piers in Los Gigantes. Due to the severity of his injuries, the man was transferred by helicopter direct to the hospital. Police are investigating the incident.

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