Los Gigantes lifeguard says he told British victim to leave danger area but was ignored

The lifeguard and beach attendant at Los Guíos beach in Los Gigantes, Antonio José Plasencia, has given evidence that he specifically advised the British victim of the tragedy, Marion Auril O’Hara, that the beach was unsafe and that she should leave the area, but that she took no notice of him.

Sr Plasencia said that he told many people that they should not be in the region of the unsafe cliffs, but whereas some obeyed him, others did not. He also confirmed that the area had been roped off for around a month before the disaster, and that warning signs were checked and placed daily, something he had done voluntarily even though it was not part of his job.

He was unable to remember whether he had warned the second victim, given the number of bathers to whom he had spoken on the beach that day. One cannot but wonder how he can remember Mrs O’Hara. Was it that he spoke to her in English? Or was it in Spanish, and she failed to understand, and if so, what makes him remember particularly?   El Dia

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