Los Realejos main road closed indefinitely after sinkhole appears


Photos: Actualidad Policial Tenerife Sur

Updated 9 March: And in the cold light of day, this is what the authorities are looking into …

los realejos 9 march

Original post 8 March: The main road through Los Realejos, Avenida de Canarias, is closed tonight after the road suffered a major collapse. Police say that investigations are continuing into the cause of the sinkhole and that it is impossible at the moment to say how long the road will be closed to both pedestrians and traffic.


  1. Oh dear hope they get fixed soon

    1. Author

      They are saying a minimum of three weeks while they investigate and resolidify the road, which they think collapsed because of rainwater. We haven’t had torrential rain, but enough to cause this problem because, it seems, the drains for rainwater were damaged.

  2. Woohoo!! Thanks Janet 🙂 I hope they get round to repairing the road before my car’s suspension is irretrievably damaged.

  3. Author

    There’s been quite a fuss over the TF66 the last few days, with Arona council lobbying for funds when other road improvements were announced by the Cabildo. And now today it has been confirmed that it, plus the TF625 in Arico, will be the two roads that get funding beyond that originally announced. The TF66 will get €503,000 to be spent on resurfacing and drainage between Valle San Lorenzo and Las Galletas: the TF625 will get €374,000. The original investment announced a few days ago was for some €16m for roads in the south (out of a total budget for the island of some €40m). In the immediate future, the money will go on the closure of the TF1 between El Tanque and Santiago del Teide, and the TF1 junction at Las Chafiras.

  4. Many roads seem much worse after the last rain we had, even though it didn’t seem much. I was shocked at the state of the back road from Guaza to Los Cristianos the other day and the TF66 seems more deteriorated every day. I’m surprised more sinkholes haven’t opened up.

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