Los Reyes Magos will be in the Heliodoro on 5 January after all

Update 5 December: After scraping and scratching money from various projects and sources, including private finance, the Ayuntamiento decided this morning that it could fund the Heliodoro appearance after all, it has been announced today.

Original post 1 December: The annual spectacular of the three kings arriving at Santa Cruz’ football stadium, the Heliodoro, has been cancelled because of the economic crisis, the Ayuntamiento has announced.

Los Reyes Magos will still arrive by helicopter in an as yet unknown location and will parade through the streets of the capital, but their magical arrival and appearance in the stadium, which has excited and enchanted children for decades, is the latest casualty of an empty public purse.

It is estimated that the cancellation will save €40,000, and the €23,000 already collected from ticket sales will be distributed to different NGOs throughout the coming year as originally planned.


  1. Cara más dura imposible…..y yo me pregunto no se podrían cancelar las dietas de los políticos,seguro que se cubren los 40000€ y sobra para construir otro estadio.

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